The Butcher’s Women

When you work in a meat market, necessarily, it is because we love the sausage! But that is not what our three beautiful tradesmen who will tell you, just the opposite ... Whether to calibrate a sausage between her thighs or to teach a man to make a roulette using his sex as raw material, Anissa, Mya and Sophia devote themselves body and soul to satisfy their customers ... Mya provides home service. But with her, the cooking class will quickly turn to her having her legs in the air and tasting his crotch and stuffing her anus. Sophia, a young apprentice, has a real passion for "good food." So when a customer presents the piece of meat hidden behind his fly, she never hesitates to taste it greedily and to use it to fill all her orifices. As for Anissa, behind her counter, she knows perfectly how to retain the masculine gender. To guarantee the freshness of her products, she organizes naughty visits to her kitchen ... and her ass bounced. For sure, the client will leave the wallet as empty as his testicles. So, you too, cross the threshold of the shop and let yourself order what you desire most ... dirty!

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The beautiful Anissa Kate stars in this scene from The Butcher's Women!

Stars: Anissa Kate

Categories: High Definition All Sex Euro Anal

Scene Number: 3

Orientation: Straight

Studio Name: Marc Dorcel SBO Marc Dorcel