The Gay Real World Cast: Our 1st Day on Flirt


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The Gay Real World Cast’s Likes

Hey there, thanks for reading this, there are 4 of us that live together in the house with cameras watching, so, what do we like? well let me list some likes and dislikes for each of us: CONNOR: I love any kind of music where the lyrics have meaning to them. I love new york and the people around it. everyone is so diverse and it is great to see the art and fashion movement that takes place there. I also love there art galleries and museums. I love a guy who can be honest someone who isn’t afraid to speak their mind & that they do it on an intellectual level. I want a man who can wear a tank top and flip-flops to the beach but a full suit and tie to the opera. looks are not really my thing neither is the age. I really just believe that personality and communication are the important factors in a relationship. TEAL: Rock, Metal, Country, and I also like Hip Hop. Really anything I can Dance to is Acceptable. I’m getting into Black Mirror. One of my all-time favorite shows would have to be Scooby Doo. My Ideal guy is someone who I can pull pranks with (or on) without them getting mad. Very kind, Sweet and caring. They gotta have a great personality. They also have to be able to play with me. Protect me when I can’t protect myself without being too overbearing. They also can’t be too emotional. As this is my version of Prince Charming I know he doesn’t exist. (Haha). AUSTIN: Cuddling, relaxing on the couch while watching Netflix, doing new things in new places, learning new things from various people that are more experienced than me. I am looking for Someone who is as mentally mature as me, or more so. I envy guys who are respectful, classy and are intelligent in their thoughts and actions. But he would also have to know how to relax and not stress out over petty things. I like a guy who can be dominant at times but caring and receptive to new things. ZAK: Having been a snowboard instructor when I was 14, I LOVE SNOWBOARDING! I enjoy going out to clubs which includes drinking. I love doing anything outdoors, anything to get me out of the house at home or here! Eating out at new restaurants is one of my favorite things to do. I love comedies, thrillers, action, horror, and musicals most of all! My ideal guy is someone who listens to me, doesn’t lie to me, and lets me have my alone time when I need/want it. I’d like them to enjoy most of the things I do but that isn’t really entirely important. I love skinny or athletic men who are responsible and employed. Having your shit together is extremely attractive and important to me.

My Fantasies

Ask me please

My Obsessions & Desires

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Additional Info

ROOM RULES:. 1. Feel free to record, copy, store and share our live chats we love it when you do. 2. Come talk to us, we don’t bite, just remember we are human with feelings as well. 3. Feel free to ask questions, even stupid-sounding ones, we understand your asking because you want to know and are interested. No judgment here. 4. The MODS will help you with any questions, feel free to ask them anything you don’t feel like asking publicly. 5. Feel free to chat among yourselves, we are perfectly fine with that. We build communities here. 6: We do NOT do private 1:1 chats but join our party chat.7. Tips are appreciated but NOT expected.

Special Info

We are a pretty unique room here on Flirt. one room but 5 of us in the house plus friends who will come over, we live in a real house in Tampa with 24 live cameras on us 24/7. we did not know each other before we moved in together and we have the same struggles and problems, fights and fun as any other group of roommates, the difference is YOU get to watch. we are the cast of TheGayRealWorld ! Welcome to our lives

My Fetishes

Anal, Big Toys, Exhibitionism, Face Sitting, Jerk off Instruction, Piercings and Tattoos, Role Play/Costumes, Submission

My Sex Toys

Anal Beads, Clothespins, Nipple Clamps, Tickler

Role-Playing Scenarios

Cosplay, Dirty Talk, Gender Play, Student/Teacher