Ricky Decker: Holy Hell!!!


Ricky Decker’s Likes

Passion, Sensuality, Intimate moments of affection. Mutuality, good chemistry. Sexual attraction. Soft hands are such a turn on. Beautiful white smiles, and soft hair. Flirty men and women, playful and seductive. I can be dominant or submissive depending on my mood. Roleplay can be really fun. Soft touch and soft personality, and I will love you for a long time, makes me feel like your man.

My Fantasies

Group sex, roleplay, authority figures. muscle worship, s in public, random handjobs, giant cumshots, soft skin rubbing against my muscular frame. Love to make someone orgasm its such a thrill. I like feeling in power, in control. deep penetration, in random locations when no one is looking.

My Obsessions & Desires

big cumshots, giants, facials, cumswallow. straight jocks in locker room. MILF sex.

Additional Info

mutual, fun, want to make you cum, if the time is right, I might cum for you to. love to see video on both sides. Make me smile for you, I think you will like it. Kisses!

My Sex Toys

Giant Dildo

Role-Playing Scenarios

Dirty Talk, Master / Slave, Student/Teacher