Natasha Laik: My Day at the Gym

Tons Of Babes On For You

Today I get up like every day, a sunny day for sierto, very rich for exercise, 7:15 am I leave my house to the gym, everything is normal until now, 7:35 am I arrive at the gym, start my routine Warm up a little fun and dynamic, spend 35 minutes of warm-up, under my heating machine, to the shower to drink some water, I’m headed to the shower I’m followed by a guy, tall, beefy, was even cute , I thought I was going for the showers too, I did not pay much attention, suddenly, I feel a hand on my ass, I turned my face towards and it was the boy who came behind me, immediately I take my hand and give him a very slap hard, and I tell you that you’re an idiot, respect me I’m a lady, slimy, and I design is that I saw tremendous ass so rich and can not stand the urge to touch it but I will not do it again, and he ran away, nobody noticed of what happened, I left the showers and continued normal training and went straight to my house and from there to my work and it is or was what happened to me at the gym.

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