Mike Bannacheck: Facticity of Fake News


Mike Bannacheck’s Likes

My biggest turn on is spontaneity. Going to the bathroom at work at the hottest partner of the firm stands by the stall next to you and begins to wank his cock and something wild!

My Fantasies

Businessmen, Army, Police, Uniforms, Older, Daddies, white collar.

My Obsessions & Desires

Cross Generational, uniforms

Additional Info

I’ve been in adult films and have had other ventures throughout the years.

Special Info

My hobbies include rugby, horror movies, writing, and making adult movies.

My Fetishes

Anal, Double Penetration, Exhibitionism, Leather, Pony Play, Rimming, Role Play/Costumes, Sugar Daddy, Teasing, Wrestling

Role-Playing Scenarios

Bad Cop/Good Cop, Boss / Secretary, Coach/Trainee, Cowboy/Cowgirl, Doctor / Nurse, Flight Attendant/Pilot, Master / Slave, Prisoner/Guard, Student/Teacher