Maya Dommina: Dominant Woman Sets the Rules!

Tons Of Babes On For You

I adjusted my shirt, sitting back in my chair as I was waiting for the boy to arrive. This was the first meeting, the time for plain speaking and letting it be known how I operate. It is the time when I was laying the groundwork for exerting my very strong will over the man who will be sitting in front of me.I was breathing deeply and contemplating what I knew about this man, his job, his need to be put under my thumb and made to obey. I knew I will have to be forceful with him, his submission will not come easily but I also knew that when it does, it will be divine. I knew it wouldâve take no small amount of work to break him down to nothing and rebuild him into what I desired and saw as the "perfect man". I looked up as there was a knock at the door… You’ll find out what happend next time.

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