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Look, Iâll be honest- I havenât really used a laptop much since probably 2006. I am completely clueless when it comes to technology. I donât know how this site works, and when people try to explain, their words might as well be in another language. I donât know what software is, I donât know how to send email, I donât know how to adjust settings. Yes, I am Very Much Aware that either my laptop or my connection or both, sucks. Nothing I can do about it, and trust me, I hate the poor camera quality a lot more than you do, because I literally bought this laptop yesterday, for no other reason than to join this site. I figured itâd be great, win-win, Iâd get to have fun and make some cash while also making some boys very happy. Thatâs all I wanted, to get naked on cam in exchange for financial compensation. Unfortunately, my cam âlags.â Brand fucking new laptop, but it just sucks right out of the box I guess. And since my cam lags, no one is interested in spending credits, so Iâm making no money. So whatâs the point. I just wanted to show off my great boobs, but all anyone can talk about is the connection. It makes me not want to share my boobs anymore. Which is aggravating, because they are too awesome not to share! I want to get naked, but itâs hard when no one appreciates it because the camera quality isnât to their standards. But you know what, fuck all of that, Iâm old school, lagging connection and grainy video is the only way I know, so…Guys keep telling me âyou need a better cameraâ or âitâs your connection, try an Ethernet portâ or âHave you tried this blahbullshittynonsense yet?â Yes. Yes, Iâve tried your bullshit. Didnât work. No, I canât plug into an ethernet port, I live with my parents, and Iâm not going to strip down in the family room. I guess I just need a new camera. But I donât see how Iâm going to GET a new camera if no one is willing to compensate me for my time. Itâs a frustrating catch22. The internet is basically cockblocking me rn.I guess just wish me luck or something? Or make a donation to the âget-Luna-a-new-cameraâ fund lol 🙂

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