Lexi Tanners: My First Time As a Cam Model

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Hey Guys…So obviously from the title I am a new cam model. lol A little about me… I am 27 about to be 28th on July 7th. I have a passion for music, reading and the arts. I’m a mother. If the MILF Tag Category didn’t give that away. I have always had a very flirtatious and bubbly personality. So after leaving the work force recently… well here I am…I did my first show last night and I learned a lot. I really enjoyed my first show. Although I ran into a few minor issues and after Monday all will be right in the world. lol Slow internet and lagging video really threw me off last night so upgrading internet Monday and I will be back in action… No pun intended lol. I enjoyed the time I did get though. The individuals I interacted with were very kind. I mean what girl doesn’t enjoy being told she is beautiful by several people at one time? I have always considered myself a confident woman, but lord bless you guys are gonna give me a big head. lol (I think that’s supposed to be the other way around) I am still navigating the new waters in which I have found myself in, and I am enjoying every moment of it. I love the excitement of being watched and giving pleasure. I am already planning my next show. I am excited to explore the endless possibilities with my shows and meet new people. I enjoy pretty much anything that has to do with sex. I have always been a very sexual woman. I have explored my body and the bodies of other. I crave giving pleasure and absolutely wont complain about receiving. haha I cant wait to see where this adventure leads me…

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