Khiana Denais: Wish List(s)

Tons Of Babes On For You

It has come to my attention that my wish list link was not working. I apologize about the confusion, I have the information for my Toy Wishlist. As I mentioned before I love gifts and I love receiving and trying new toys for you guys, if you have any suggestions for toys you would like to see please inbox me or share them in chat. Some of you guys have asked me to do anal but (no pun intended) , I don’t have any anal training toys yet.. I think it would make your experience more enjoyable if I can get on top of getting some of those. With time of course. Don;t forget boys good things come to those that wait. Here’s the link for the Wishlist: love lingerie and will be posting up my wishlist for Lingerie soon! be looking out for the Instagram and Snapchat soon! Thank you guys so much for everything I love you!! xxoo Khiana

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