Delia Fox: I Am So Happy to Be Back Online After,

Last Tuesday in the morning, after I had already signed into the site my battery backup battery was beeping that awful sound that tells me that it needs a new battery.So I logged off and went to get the other battery back up from the living room. After I hooked up the other battery backup and turned my computer back on, only to find I can't get online. So here I am with no phone and no internet.My ex got home late that day and then I was able to borrow his cell phone to try and figure out why my internet is down. Well the tech came out said a couple wires went bad and replaced them Thursday.I am for sure going to look into getting a cellphone asap. I was not into cell phones b4 since I have house phone but now that I am doing shows maybe I can get a cell phone with internet for times like that. It was really sucky to be offline from flirt4free. I am so happy to be back after two days stuck offline. I missed you guys!

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