Rebel Lynn

Tons Of Babes On For You

Hometown: Denver | Age: 20 | Height: 5-foot-2 | Weight: 85 pounds | Hair: brown | Eyes: Hazel

A couple of years ago, Rebel Lynn was recruited from a social app to shoot her first scene. “It was in West Hollywood for Net Video Girls, with Seth Gamble. It was really fun, actually. Now, Seth and I have an interesting relationship. We’re like family.” She’s shot “80 to 90” scenes, “mostly for Porn Pros. I’m their contract star, so I have a lot of Porn Pros scenes that are just on the Internet.”

“I love acting. It’s been my biggest passion since I was little. I always wanted to be in front of the camera. I’ve always been very self-aware, very sexually open,” Lynn says. “I’ve always wanted to help others, and I feel that being somebody people watch is good for them. I want to help girls who are in the industry get behind the camera. I’m an independent contractor; I don’t have an agent. I want to help the girls be a little smarter about what they’re doing: what’s best for their career, and themselves. Some girls just want the money, and that’s great, but if you want a real career and want to make something real out of this, you need to take a different approach to the way you’re doing business in the industry. I want to help them push farther than they think they can.”

Her dream booking is a sexy beach scene: “I want to do it right in front of the water, and then where the water is kind of covering me. I love that. That would be so amazing. I haven’t considered who I’ll do it with. I’ll do a girl/girl, a boy/girl, a gang bang…” She would like to shoot with Jules Jordan (“His stuff is gorgeous. I like his style. What they shoot, how they shoot it. How dirty it is, and at the same time sort of glamorous”) and Brazzers (“For them, it’s the overexaggeration I want to do”).

Lynn says her hobbies and interests are “Reading, writing, drawing, singing, fucking” and her words to live by are “Live, Laugh, Love.”