Hollyweed Pranksters. stars Arabelle Raphael, Eliza Jane, Kira Noir & Veruca James

Tons Of Babes On For You

Halloween isn’t that far off, and neither is “Mischief Night,” so it seems only proper that premier cannabis Emerald Triangle Girls would pick now to announce the release of its latest DVD, Hollyweed Pranksters. Directed by Fivestar, the title stars Arabelle Raphael, Eliza Jane, Kira Noir, and Veruca James.

“As many of my fans know, I’m a big pot smoker and a huge lesbian, so getting to do a movie featuring my two favorite things was everything I could want all at once!” exclaimed Arabelle Raphael.

Eliza Jane added, “Of all the adult work I’ve ever done, being able to work on this movie is easily a highlight. Getting to work with a cast and crew of such strong, beautiful and intelligent women was so empowering and an absolute blast. The story was so creative and fun and the sensation and aesthetics of smoke and hot lesbian sex is as good as it gets. I am honored to have been a part of this project.”

On New Year’s Day 2017, Southern California woke up to find the famous Hollywood sign changed to say “Hollyweed.” Hollyweed Pranksters follows the not-so-true saga of the sign-change backstory, starring the Emerald Triangle Girls in four steamy girl-on-girl scenes.