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Lauren January: Lazy Day

Sunday and it was just a lazy day. Couldn’t go on today cause family came over for din din and stayed late and drank wine. I wanna do a flash mob where everyone does a shuffle dance but no takers so far. Visit Lauren January’s Chat Room
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Cierra Nova: Apologies

To anyone who was watching my show yesterday.Hello everyone,Yesterday I was preforming and had to log off due tp extreme pain in my lower back. I dealt with the pain for hours as it grew worse and worse to the point where I could not move without tears…

Rockie Diamond: I’m So Excited!!!

For all of my lovely fans that have been asking for my phone number, I have linked my personal Flirt phone so you can now go to my profile, click flirt phone, and give me a call I can’t wait to talk to you just one on one my love!…