Audrey Royal

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Hometown: Los Angeles | Age: 23 | Height: 5-foot-8 | Weight: 120 pounds | Measurements: 34-25-35 | Hair: Dark brown | Eyes: Light Brown

Audrey Royal grew up in the San Fernando Valley all the while being quite unaware of its reputation. I know now this is considered Porn Valley, but I never knew this is like the central place where it is all done. Now, knowing, its like I belong even more. I grew up here. Im right at home.

She started out in the medical marijuana industry. I was working in dispensaries. I was trained to weigh out weed and sell it to patrons that came in. I really liked it, although the hours were kind of long. I was looking for something with a future for me and I didnt really see that as my future. It was fun, but …

So she went online, looking for a different job, for something that involved like dancing or some kind of adult modeling. Not specifically porn, though I wasn’t like frowning upon it. Then I came upon Foxxx Modeling and I talked to Chris. … It sounded really exciting, and I started right away.

And it clicked. “I love it. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to be in front of a camera, I’ve always wanted to do acting. And on top of it I love sex. So combining those two its just so ideal for me.

She started off with a boy-girl scene. It was like a calendar shoot that I was unaware of and kind of tricked into doing sexual acts.” Since then she has shot for Mofos, Sheer Productions, BangBros, KickAss, and

For New Sensations I worked with Chad White. It was a scenario of stepbrother and stepsister. It was very professional, the way they filmed and took my pictures. I felt very comfortable there.

So far shes only worked with men, except for one threesome. I did a boy/girl/girl scene, just one so far, and I should be having girl/girl coming up. I dont think I have enough experience to really choose between the two. So far Im enjoying the boy/girl. Because obviously I love boys, and I love dick.

Hobbies? “Makeup. Dancing, I used to do a lot of it; Im going to get back into it this year. I really like physical things. Traveling. Ive traveled around the U.S., done a road trip. I just love new cultures, experiencing different people and different places. I like seeing other people and what they do in their lifestyle. I love art, too.

That includes the ink art on her body. I have a small little heart on my wrist. Got it when I was 15 in Arizona. I have a hand tattoo, its supposed to be a Queen of Hearts. I have a saying on my wrist, it’s in Arabic script.”

What does the Arabic mean? It’s basically saying ‘what goes around comes around.’ Treat others how you want to be treated.

It’s something she believes in. My mom was the one who told me that saying, so that tattoo means the most to me.” (She is of Middle Eastern heritage.)

Speaking of parents, do hers know what shes doing? No. What they don’t know wont hurt them. When they find out well cross that bridge when we get to it.